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Stewing Quietly…

October 19, 2008

With the election about two weeks away—there’s a lot of stuff being thrown in the ‘ole political stew-pot..

Let’s ladle some out while it’s still hot…


After McCain and Obama mentioned “Joe The Plumber” more times in the debate than there were blinks in an eye— was there any doubt that the media would put the guy front and center ??

Now—after getting the same media treatment reserved for serial killers and Paris Hilton, we’ve found out a whole lot more about “Joe the plumber” than we probably care to know….

Here’s some of it culled from various media reports:

  • * He’s not really a plumber—because he’s not licensed.
  • * His first name isn’t Joe. His real name is Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbach
  • * His divorce records show he made $40,000 a year— not $250,000 (which would place him in the Obama tax-hike bracket)
  • * He owes the IRS money. $1200 in back taxes to be exact.

So, what’s next for “Joe the plumber”… Well, the media will soon tire of him—but not before he makes one last splash…

I’m betting on an appearance on Lenno, Letterman or SNL…


Lots of folks have had their Obama or McCain campaign signs stolen this election in neighborhoods across the U.S.

But, when one fellow lost his sign—he put up a replacement that’s probably not going to be the target of any thieves….


Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart has long been the place where you could turn to see pretty good “gotcha” journalism. Despite being a fake news show— they do the research the major video news outlets seem to ignore.

Now—Newsweek is applauding another funnyman for doing what reporters should be doing.

They’ve proclaimed David Letterman, journalist of the year following his interview with John McCain last Thursday.

Letterman’s interview was encased with-in his light-hearted joking with McCain—but during the session— he drew significant admissions and clarifications about McCain’s and Palin’s personal attacks on Obama..

Here’s a portion of it here:

You can read more about the Letterman’s questioning in this article here.


There’s all kinds of polls out there seeking to predict the election— but there’s one poll that might be a lot closer to right than any of the guys with clipboards.

Seems there’s a website that charts whether people prefer to call their soft drinks “Coke” or “Soda”

Professor Barry Hollander at the University of Georgia charted those difference and found that red states are “Coke” states, blue states are “Soda” states.

You can read his full analysis here.

Will the results hold for 2008—or will the soda poll go flat?


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God’s Still Almighty….

October 16, 2008

Call it the ultimate lawsuit….

A Nebraska state senator tried suing GOD claiming the supreme being was terrorizing Earth’s inhabitants with acts of violence like earthquakes, hurricanes and other—well— Acts of God…!

Senator Ernie Chambers wanted a court to issue permanent injunction against those Acts of God.

He claimed he could sue GOD in Nebraska because God is everywhere.

But—as you can read here, a judge through the case out..

He said there was no proof that GOD had been properly served a subpoena…

In other words— saying “heaven” as God’s address just wouldn’t do…

Judge Marlon Polk wanted more than just an unlisted address for the Almighty…

The judge threw out the case with prejudice meaning it couldn’t be refiled…

Senator Chambers says although he can’t refile– he just might appeal….

I for one am looking forward to the next round in this case…

If the Senator should happen to get GOD into court— I’d love to see if they require God to swear on a bible in order to make sure he told the truth…


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Let’s Waste Our Fuel Supply…

October 15, 2008

With the turmoil in the markets recently, we’ve seen the price of a barrel of oil drop dramatically—

—yet, we’re still paying extremely high prices at the pump…

And while many are advocating that we drill now— it’ll take nearly a decade to get that petroleum into the system to refill our empty tanks. ..

But now—we may be able to short circuit that process and get a whole lot more gas into our supply without having to wait so darn long…

A Georgia based company says it can churn out millions of gallons of petroleum from virtually any waste product—and do it with-in a year or two.

And THAT has made some government agencies very, very interested.

The U-S military is so intrigued by the process that its already contracted with Bell Bio-Energy to build 7 test production plants with the next 60 days. Full production should be available with-in a year.

The technique is old—the process is new.

Bell Bio-Energy will use the tried and true technique of converting organic waste like grass clippings, leaves, and the like to create the fuel.

What’s revolutionary is HOW it will be done

The technique uses bacteria.

As you can read here, the inventor of the process got his idea while standing downwind from his cattle.

When they eat organics their stomachs create methane as a by-product.

He figured out which bacteria create the gas–and applied the technique to creating something that’ll fuel our engines.

Unlike Ethanol production—which is wasting our food supply and is highly inefficient—as we pointed out in this post last March— the bacteria used in this process will convert stuff that’s been left to rot.

Bell Bio-Energy estimates there’s enough organic waste on the planet to create up to 5-Billion barrels of oil a year.

And that’s NO waste !


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Dishing it out

October 13, 2008

Sometimes you can overcook things—and when you do they turn out nasty..

Such is the case with the political stew this week—where it seems that some of the tactics used by some folks have been left on the stove too long—and are a bit over done..


The raucous rallies that McCain and Palin have presided over—and a steady two weeks of nothing but personal attacks on Obama seem to have take a huge toll on McCain’s standing..

Those rallies have resulted in McCain supporters shouting nasties about Obama like, “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” and “Terrorist.”

It got so bad—McCain’s had to spend time defending Obama as a “decent person,” and a “family man” and “a person that you do not have to be scared of as president.”

The anger genie engendered by the negative attacks isn’t helping McCain in the polls according to a new ABC NEWS-Washington Post poll..

It finds 59% of those surveyed believe McCain’s dodging the issues.

As you can read here the poll found what it describes as major “push-back” by people who wonder why McCain’s not talking about what concerns them.

As we approach the final presidential debate—McCain has promised to change the tone of his campaign and focus on issues.

The question now— should we focus McCain’s character—or lack of it— for allowing his campaign to descend into vitriol?


Just about 3 weeks ago—John McCain dissed David Letterman by pulling out of Letterman’s show with 60 minutes to go—saying he had to fly back to Washington immediately to work on the bailout bill…

As you can see in this clip here—that peeved Letterman—and the comedian got downright incensed when McCain was caught on an internal CBS feed getting ready to talk to Katie Couric..

Now— McCain says he’ll go make an appearance on Letterman’s show the day after he debates.

As you can read here—some are expecting Letterman to unload on McCain—making his appearance on The Late Show potentially more important than the last debate in terms of the campaign.


Then there’s the folks at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in New York State who apparently haven’t figured out the name of the Democratic nominee yet.

They printed up hundreds of absentee ballots with the name Barack OSAMA..

Some are saying it was an honest mistake—others claim it was intentional… As you can read here—the local legislature will investigate the Snafu, while making sure the ballots are reprinted, correctly.


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In The Heat Of The Global Warming Battle….

October 12, 2008

T he whole thrust of the man-made global warming argument is that the the stuff we are doing to the atmosphere is raising the temperature of the earth…

But what if some of the data we’re using to chart the earth’s temperature is inaccurate?

That kinda wrecks the theory doesn’t it?

Well— a former TV meteorologist has spent the last few years looking at the devices that measure the temperatures around the country—and what he’s finding is enough to send a chill up your spine—if not your temperature chart.

Anthony Watts operates an all volunteer organization called

Over the last few years, they’ve been photographing and documenting the 1,221 automated temperature reporting stations in the United States.

Believe it or not—no one has ever created a visual record of ANY of these sites up till now—so no one could check whether they were situated properly to record the weather!

It’s data from these stations which goes into the global warming computer models.

What he and his volunteers have found regarding these units is profoundly disturbing.

Many the temperature monitoring stations they’ve located are are set up in places that can adversely affect the readings the devices give.

Here’s just a FEW more blatant problems the volunteers have found that Watts has listed on the website:

Jet blast on a sensing device…

Sensors near exhaust from air conditioning units….

That seems to be a common problem…

Here’s a temperature monitor within ten feet of a building and A/C exhaust in Forest Grove, Oregon.

The Surfacestations website is crammed full of examples like these—along with lots of solid charts, data and scientific information for those of you with a bent for meteorological interpretation…

There’s an old acronym in the world of computer programming. GIGO. That means garbage in—garbage out.

And If the data from even half these sites is garbage— what does that say about the man-made global warming theory?

The geological record indicates there have been at least 4 major ice ages and warming periods on earth in the 4.5 Billion years this planet’s been around.

Unless the dinosaurs were running a bunch of factories and driving SUV’s back then—we’d better look somewhere else other than mankind to explain the cyclical warming and cooling of the Earth.


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Funny Fur Sure….

October 11, 2008

T here’s a lot of depressing and upsetting news out there what with the economy, gas shortages and whatnot…

So, because we’re having a “ruff” time—EYE thought we’d give folks a little something to ‘howl’ with laughter about…

What’s so dog-gone funny?

Well—take a look at some of this stuff and see…


Here’s a clip of a pup is in his crate—along with two others… But he’s done more than just take his puppy chow…

He’s been watching HOW that crate was opened and closed…

Check out how he not only escapes—but frees the other inmates…

And keep a sharp eye on the bones in the other cages… He takes ’em after freeing his puppy comrades…Eye’m thinking that’s HIS REAL motivation for freeing the other dogs!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


This fellow bought a German Sheppard as a guard dog—and —the dog was great at guarding the house..

There was just one, teeny, tiny problem with the dog’s work..

As this security cam video shows—the dog didn’t understand that he was supposed to keep people from coming IN the house– not keep ’em from going OUT of the house…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Here’s another dog with door problems…

Only this canine won’t go out the door—even when there’s NO door there to impede his exit !

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ever wonder WHAT your dog does when you’re NOT at home?

Well, filmmaker John Noble wondered the same thing.

He placed a bunch of cameras around his home to record the activities of Jesse the Labrador Retriever from sunup to sundown.

Here’s Jesse’s day compressed down into 2 minutes.

No wonder they call it a dog’s life!


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