In The Heat Of The Global Warming Battle….

T he whole thrust of the man-made global warming argument is that the the stuff we are doing to the atmosphere is raising the temperature of the earth…

But what if some of the data we’re using to chart the earth’s temperature is inaccurate?

That kinda wrecks the theory doesn’t it?

Well— a former TV meteorologist has spent the last few years looking at the devices that measure the temperatures around the country—and what he’s finding is enough to send a chill up your spine—if not your temperature chart.

Anthony Watts operates an all volunteer organization called

Over the last few years, they’ve been photographing and documenting the 1,221 automated temperature reporting stations in the United States.

Believe it or not—no one has ever created a visual record of ANY of these sites up till now—so no one could check whether they were situated properly to record the weather!

It’s data from these stations which goes into the global warming computer models.

What he and his volunteers have found regarding these units is profoundly disturbing.

Many the temperature monitoring stations they’ve located are are set up in places that can adversely affect the readings the devices give.

Here’s just a FEW more blatant problems the volunteers have found that Watts has listed on the website:

Jet blast on a sensing device…

Sensors near exhaust from air conditioning units….

That seems to be a common problem…

Here’s a temperature monitor within ten feet of a building and A/C exhaust in Forest Grove, Oregon.

The Surfacestations website is crammed full of examples like these—along with lots of solid charts, data and scientific information for those of you with a bent for meteorological interpretation…

There’s an old acronym in the world of computer programming. GIGO. That means garbage in—garbage out.

And If the data from even half these sites is garbage— what does that say about the man-made global warming theory?

The geological record indicates there have been at least 4 major ice ages and warming periods on earth in the 4.5 Billion years this planet’s been around.

Unless the dinosaurs were running a bunch of factories and driving SUV’s back then—we’d better look somewhere else other than mankind to explain the cyclical warming and cooling of the Earth.


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