Dishing it out

Sometimes you can overcook things—and when you do they turn out nasty..

Such is the case with the political stew this week—where it seems that some of the tactics used by some folks have been left on the stove too long—and are a bit over done..


The raucous rallies that McCain and Palin have presided over—and a steady two weeks of nothing but personal attacks on Obama seem to have take a huge toll on McCain’s standing..

Those rallies have resulted in McCain supporters shouting nasties about Obama like, “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” and “Terrorist.”

It got so bad—McCain’s had to spend time defending Obama as a “decent person,” and a “family man” and “a person that you do not have to be scared of as president.”

The anger genie engendered by the negative attacks isn’t helping McCain in the polls according to a new ABC NEWS-Washington Post poll..

It finds 59% of those surveyed believe McCain’s dodging the issues.

As you can read here the poll found what it describes as major “push-back” by people who wonder why McCain’s not talking about what concerns them.

As we approach the final presidential debate—McCain has promised to change the tone of his campaign and focus on issues.

The question now— should we focus McCain’s character—or lack of it— for allowing his campaign to descend into vitriol?


Just about 3 weeks ago—John McCain dissed David Letterman by pulling out of Letterman’s show with 60 minutes to go—saying he had to fly back to Washington immediately to work on the bailout bill…

As you can see in this clip here—that peeved Letterman—and the comedian got downright incensed when McCain was caught on an internal CBS feed getting ready to talk to Katie Couric..

Now— McCain says he’ll go make an appearance on Letterman’s show the day after he debates.

As you can read here—some are expecting Letterman to unload on McCain—making his appearance on The Late Show potentially more important than the last debate in terms of the campaign.


Then there’s the folks at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in New York State who apparently haven’t figured out the name of the Democratic nominee yet.

They printed up hundreds of absentee ballots with the name Barack OSAMA..

Some are saying it was an honest mistake—others claim it was intentional… As you can read here—the local legislature will investigate the Snafu, while making sure the ballots are reprinted, correctly.


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