Let’s Waste Our Fuel Supply…

With the turmoil in the markets recently, we’ve seen the price of a barrel of oil drop dramatically—

—yet, we’re still paying extremely high prices at the pump…

And while many are advocating that we drill now— it’ll take nearly a decade to get that petroleum into the system to refill our empty tanks. ..

But now—we may be able to short circuit that process and get a whole lot more gas into our supply without having to wait so darn long…

A Georgia based company says it can churn out millions of gallons of petroleum from virtually any waste product—and do it with-in a year or two.

And THAT has made some government agencies very, very interested.

The U-S military is so intrigued by the process that its already contracted with Bell Bio-Energy to build 7 test production plants with the next 60 days. Full production should be available with-in a year.

The technique is old—the process is new.

Bell Bio-Energy will use the tried and true technique of converting organic waste like grass clippings, leaves, and the like to create the fuel.

What’s revolutionary is HOW it will be done

The technique uses bacteria.

As you can read here, the inventor of the process got his idea while standing downwind from his cattle.

When they eat organics their stomachs create methane as a by-product.

He figured out which bacteria create the gas–and applied the technique to creating something that’ll fuel our engines.

Unlike Ethanol production—which is wasting our food supply and is highly inefficient—as we pointed out in this post last March— the bacteria used in this process will convert stuff that’s been left to rot.

Bell Bio-Energy estimates there’s enough organic waste on the planet to create up to 5-Billion barrels of oil a year.

And that’s NO waste !


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