Stewing Quietly…

With the election about two weeks away—there’s a lot of stuff being thrown in the ‘ole political stew-pot..

Let’s ladle some out while it’s still hot…


After McCain and Obama mentioned “Joe The Plumber” more times in the debate than there were blinks in an eye— was there any doubt that the media would put the guy front and center ??

Now—after getting the same media treatment reserved for serial killers and Paris Hilton, we’ve found out a whole lot more about “Joe the plumber” than we probably care to know….

Here’s some of it culled from various media reports:

  • * He’s not really a plumber—because he’s not licensed.
  • * His first name isn’t Joe. His real name is Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbach
  • * His divorce records show he made $40,000 a year— not $250,000 (which would place him in the Obama tax-hike bracket)
  • * He owes the IRS money. $1200 in back taxes to be exact.

So, what’s next for “Joe the plumber”… Well, the media will soon tire of him—but not before he makes one last splash…

I’m betting on an appearance on Lenno, Letterman or SNL…


Lots of folks have had their Obama or McCain campaign signs stolen this election in neighborhoods across the U.S.

But, when one fellow lost his sign—he put up a replacement that’s probably not going to be the target of any thieves….


Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart has long been the place where you could turn to see pretty good “gotcha” journalism. Despite being a fake news show— they do the research the major video news outlets seem to ignore.

Now—Newsweek is applauding another funnyman for doing what reporters should be doing.

They’ve proclaimed David Letterman, journalist of the year following his interview with John McCain last Thursday.

Letterman’s interview was encased with-in his light-hearted joking with McCain—but during the session— he drew significant admissions and clarifications about McCain’s and Palin’s personal attacks on Obama..

Here’s a portion of it here:

You can read more about the Letterman’s questioning in this article here.


There’s all kinds of polls out there seeking to predict the election— but there’s one poll that might be a lot closer to right than any of the guys with clipboards.

Seems there’s a website that charts whether people prefer to call their soft drinks “Coke” or “Soda”

Professor Barry Hollander at the University of Georgia charted those difference and found that red states are “Coke” states, blue states are “Soda” states.

You can read his full analysis here.

Will the results hold for 2008—or will the soda poll go flat?


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