It’s Why They Call It The Idiot Box….

Years ago, the comedian Fred Allen said of TV, “it’s called a medium, because it’s rarely well done.”

And although he made those comments in the 60’s—it still applies today.

THE BOOB (only lower) TUBE….

With all that’s wrong in the world—from an economy that’s self-destructing—to war, you’d think TV news would rise to the occasion..

But all it really wants to do is get a rise out of you…

How else can you explain this 3 and a half minute segment on the KTLA evening news…

It’s a live report on one of the most pressing crises in the world today–how to make a woman’s nether-region look prettier..

And TV news wonders WHY it’s losing credibility…


Let’s hand it to cartoonist Dave Coverly who draws the Speed Bump panel.

He got this one just right.


If you’ve ever watched a toddler look at TV—you can see they’re almost mesmerized by it— like its some kind of drug.

Well—it may not just be the little ones who are held in TV’s hypnotic grasp…

New research by the University of Maryland has found that Unhappy people watch way more TV than happy folks..

This was no quickie study either.

They spent 30 years on this project, as you can read here..

And–surprise, surprise—TV viewing increases as the economy gets worse.

The researchers speculate that unhappy people gravitate toward TV because it requires nothing of them–except to passively sit and watch.

Viewers don’t have to go anywhere, dress up, find company, plan ahead, expend energy, do any work or spend money in order to be part of the TV experience.

The question unanswered by all this is: which comes first–the unhappiness or the TV viewing.

Does watching more TV make people less and less happy? Or do people turn to TV as they get more and more depressed?

And then—when they turn to TV, all they get is “Betty” stories, and a constant parade of media frenzy trivializing the useless.


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