Bits & Pieces, Odd & Ends….

Eye sometimes see lots of little things that get under my skin… Not enough to make up a full blog—but rather just enough bits and pieces to aggravate me…

So, let’s get to the rants….


We’ve seen what happened to the original concept of the Wall Street bailout…

The people who convinced us it was needed immediately to save the banks suddenly reversed course..

In the meantime, everybody whose ever wanted a government handout from the auto industry to cities like Phoenix, Atlanta and Philadelphia have put their hand out demanding a piece of the action…

The latest whiner— CITIBANK, which suddenly needs cash…

The other day, the following sign appeared on Wall Street….

It pretty much sums up how EYE and a lot of others feel about the bailout…


It was meant as one of those silly photo-ops that TV news so loves…

Legislative leader pardons turkey for Thanksgiving.

In this case the lawmaker was Alaska’s Sarah Palin…

And after pardoning the turkey—she stood for a 3 minute interview in front of a worker who was slaughtering birds—completely oblivious to what was happening behind her.

All of which gives lots of double meaning to everything she says.



And speaking of turkey’s—here’s a video of a guy getting a speeding ticket in Buffalo Grove, Ilinois…

As you can read here, he got tagged for going 58 MPH in a 35 mile an hour zone..

But, Eye think the speeding ticket is the least of his worries—as this patrol-car dashcam shows:


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