Hey Dad…..

Eye love my kids. Eye really do. And most of the time Eye’m proud of them. But there are times, when Eye know something is amiss.

It usually begins with the phrase, “Hey Dad…..”

It’s called Spackle.

And, they’re asking about it because they’re trying to cover up a hole the size of Pittsburgh. When you try and find out how this cavern was created, you usually get the response “I dunno,” or “It was there when I came home.”

At that point Eye figure it’s time to call Scoobie Doo—because the cartoon dog’s got about as much luck as Eye have in solving THAT mystery!

Usually uttered about 5:30 in the morning, when there’s about 30 seconds to go before the school bus comes, and while Eye’m still in deep REM sleep.

The document that needs my attention is usually a report card, or important note from the teacher.

When you ask why your child waited till this late moment to hand you the paper, you get the famous, “I dunno.”

Yeah right.

Should we call Scoobie Doo again?

That “thing” is guaranteed to be a crash. A hard crash that leaves the computer completely and totally devoid of anything in its memory or hard drive.

It usually happens just before Eye or my wife need the computer for some very important, work related task.

When the child is asked what they were doing before the computer decided to become a very large and expensive paperweight, the response is something like, “Nothing… Just playing Webkins, listening to my I-Tunes, looking at Wikipedia, Instant Messaging my friends, and downloading some stuff.”

Eye guess Eye ought to be grateful they can multi-task.


As it turns out, being a father means you’ll always get the “HEY DAD …”


But of all of the “Hey Dad’s” Eye’ll hear as my daughters grow up— perhaps the one that will strike the most fear into my heart will be:

Not even Scoobie Doo will be able to explain that one to me!


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