That Just Doesn’t Work….

Sometimes there are things that just don’t work—no matter how hard you try.

Just ask those involved in these little enterprises…


Remember the days when mobsters were feared—and had scary nick-names like “The Undertaker,” or “Johnny One-Shot?..”

But these days—it seems even the mob has fallen on hard times–and those Cosa Nostra guys are not like the gangsters we watched on The Sopranos..

The cops report some members of the Boston-area mob are so hard up for cash they’ve taken to shoplifting— or in the case of one mafioso— seen peddling electric toothbrushes on street corners.

Yes, even mob’s being affected by the tough economic times…

And it’s gotta be embarrassing for guys like the goodfella trying to make his monthly nut as a street peddler…

Can’t you hear that guy trying to collect a loan-sharking debt—“Youse better pay me the money youse owes me—or I’m gonna take away your dental floss!”


These days everybody’s health conscious—and lots of manufacturers of food products are looking to find ways to cash in on the health craze…

But — what EXACTLY did they do to this water to make it DIET water?


Eye’m sure this guy loves his car—and wants to keep it clean..

But, really — this appears to be overkill..

Perhaps he’s trying to wash off the acid rain…


Lots of folks complain about poorly marked roads where you just can’t figure out where you are because there are no signs….

But, in Concord, North Carolina they appear to have gone overboard on the signage…..

Note to the N.C. Department of Transportation: Guys—too much is as bad as too little…

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