A Failure To Communicate….

We live in a world of instant communication…

With the push of a button, Eye can send my thoughts around the globe for all to read…

Eye can witness a news event half a world away—live—as it plays out on TV or the web…

Eye can talk to anyone, anywhere, wirelessly on any manner of handheld personal communication devices….

So how come, with all this ability to communicate— sometimes we just can’t get it done?


We’ve all delt with ’em…

The inconsiderate jerk who thinks its OK to not only have the most obnoxious ringtone in the world—but who also uses a voice so loud you can hear him from Dallas to Pittsburg without straining..

Haven’t you wished that person would have this fate befall him or her ?


It would appear that Steven may have had a bit of trouble communicating his marital frustration to his wife, Emily..

But—it also appears Emily had no trouble communicating her unhappiness to Steven—and to the rest of the world.


Having spent a day or two in the broadcast media over the last 30 years, Eye know that people in the business of communication are the WORST at communicating with each other.

This TV commercial plays that angle for laughs as it tries to sell wireless services..

But trust me, more than one newscaster’s been left hanging in a situation just like this because the people back at home base neglected to inform the crew of one, tiny, IMPORTANT detail….


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