That Can’t Be Good….

We all make mistakes—but most of the time our mistakes aren’t posted on the Internet for the world to see.

What follows are a few hands over the mouth—oh my goodness—oops moments that Eye’m sure the perpetrators wished hadn’t happened in front of a rolling video camera…


This young fellow apparently thought he was going to impress the world with his weight lifting abilities as he set his camera to record..

But it would appear his confidence wasn’t the only thing he shattered that day…


This guy apparently thought his fiance would have nothing to say but “yes” when he proposed to her in front of a stadium full of people…

Eye’m not sure what hurt him more—her reaction—or the live play-by-play from the two announcers…


This fellow had what’s known as a cylinder record in his hands… This particular piece of technology was designed by Thomas Edison—and used for some time before someone else figured out that records ought to be made flat instead of cylindrical…

Eye bet he wishes he could have destroyed the videotape that recorded him as easily as he destroyed this artifact…

And you thought YOU had a bad day now and again?


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