Weird Science…

We’ve all heard of mad scientists… Sometimes, though—it’s not the scientist whose mad—but rather it’s the science itself…


For almost two decades an Indonesian woman says she’s been afflicted by a bizarre condition—-metal wires are growing out of her body.

The 40-year-old kindergarten teacher has wires protruding from her chest and belly.

X-Rays indicate there are many more wires inside of her body.

As you can read here—when she tries to trim the wires—they allegedly recede back into her body and pop out somewhere else…

This video is from an Indonesian TV news report… Although it’s untranslated and uncaptioned—you can certainly get a good look at her condition as she and her doctor discuss it…


Have you ever seen butter fly? Or a horse fly? Probably not…

But, if you you take a trip to China’s Qingyan province you may JUST see a cat fly..

That’s right..

A woman there claims her cat has sprouted furry wings.

As you can read here, the cat’s owner claims the wings began as tiny bumps during a dry spell–and are now fill fledged wings.

Vets say the cat ought to live a normal life —all nine of them—even with its wings.


Cats are supposed to have tails.

Humans are not.

But don’t tell that to a man from Alipurduar in West Bengal, India…

Seems a lot of the folks in the area are worshiping Chandre Oram because of his unusual appendage..

But, as you can read here—although the tail may be good for attracting worshipers—it’s not so good attracting women.

The poor guy says he’s had at least 20 women turn down marriage offers—because the tail turns ’em off—much like the reaction of this female TV reporter when she gets a load of his extra piece of anatomy.

EYE don’t think anyone can top THAT tale !


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One Comment on “Weird Science…”

  1. Seki Says:

    Siendo el video de la “cola” en un ser humano de la página web de, seguro que es broma (its probably a joke/fake! ElRellano its a joking/ videos website

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