Maiden Canada…..

Once when people first conceived of robots, they pictured them as mechanical men—machine-like devices that barely resembled a human..

Now, Canadian inventor Le Trung wants you to picture a robot as — a wife…

Designed to look like she’s in her 20’s—with a very feminine figure of 32-23-33, Aiko the android was originally conceived of as a helper for the elderly as explained on Trung’s website.

But, the inventor began to reshape his idea of the fem-bot when he saw how “beauty met science..”

She morphed from helper to companion.

He now looks upon Aiko as his wife, as you can read here.

Built in his Ontario basement, using his own money— Trung recently revealed his “wife” to the world..

Right now—Aiko isn’t his sexual partner—but Trung says he could make that happen by adjusting the robot’s software to simulate orgasm.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, a leading expert in Robotics doesn’t think so.


The author of a new book says humans and robots will soon be breeding…

This isn’t the first time David Levy has broached this subject.

In October of 2007, he wrote a research paper talking about how trends indicated humans and robots might marry in the near future.

Now, in his book, he says with-in five years, humans will be having sex with robots—whether we marry ’em or not.

He sees nothing unusual in this saying:

artificial devices have been used for sex for many centuries, so there is nothing intrinsically implausible about the idea that humans may want to engage in sexual acts with robots.”

You can read more about it here

But it’s got me wondering—- what happens if my robot /spouse/lover decides Eye’m spending too much time with the toaster or lawn mower?

Could make for a messy divorce…

Eye mean—who gets custody of the extension cords?


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  1. mentalmagma Says: is having a contest right now to write a haiku from the perspective of a sexbot. The winner gets an gift certificate. Here’s the link:

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