Bits & Pieces, Odds & Ends Version2.0

We’ve just come through a week with a lot of serious and imposing news…

So, it’s time to take a break, and lighten our loads with some:



Back in the day when type was set by hand—mistakes that cropped up were blamed on printer’s devils—the young apprentices who actually mixed the ink, scrubbed rollers and fetched the type…

These days newspaper pages are now computer generated—but it seems printers still have a devil of a time keeping mistakes out of ’em…


Was the driver of this car blinded by the blast from high pressure hose the attendant squirted into his car twice—-or was he just taking out his revenge at the attendant for soaking the inside of his automobile??


The driver of this car apparently didn’t get the concept of put it in neutral—and take your foot off the gas….


“Our perceived enemies will change over time. First it will be the Russians. When that doesn’t work, it will be terrorists. When that is played out, the threat will be killer asteroids. When that no longer works, they will say our enemies will be aliens from space. It is all a lie.”

werner-von-braun.png—Wernher Von Braun, father of the American Space program, as related to Dr. Carol Rosen when he was dying of cancer in the early 70’s.


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