This Is Nuts…

Botanists, arborists and foresters are scrambling to find the answer to one of the fall’s more compelling mysteries:

What’s happened to the acorns ?

The problem looked regional at first… A few folks in different parts of the country noticed something odd this fall—that is, no acorns were falling..

The seeds from oaks trees that are usually ubiquitous were absent….

As the local stories began to get play—especially on the Internet—more and more folks around the country began to realize— there were NO ACORNS where they lived either.

Newspapers from The Washington Post, to the Lancaster New Era are quoting local experts who are befuddled as can be about the situation…

Even the Smithsonian Institution is trying to figure out what’s up—or should EYE say—what’s not down

Without acorns— the squirrels and mice go lacking for food..

And their demise quickly works its way up the food chain.

The mystery is similar to the one regarding the disappearing honeybees.

After years of research— all scientists have been able to do is give the condition a name: Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.

Despite intense efforts, the only thing they know about CCD is what’s NOT causing it to occur.

They’ve eliminated things like electromagnetic waves from cell phones, or parasites… But, beyond that—they are stumped.

Meanwhile, the little pollinators on which we depend to keep more than 80 per cent of our foodstuffs growing continue to disappear at an alarming rate.

Some experts are hoping the lack of acorns is a seasonal thing—but they can’t be sure.

And until they figure out WHY it’s happening on such a large scale— they won’t be able to understand HOW to prevent it from happening again.


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