Crime And Punishment

Like a perpetual motion machine that just keeps on running, we seem to have an endless supply of criminals who are not the brightest bulbs on the marquee of life…

Check ’em out as we look at:


Generally, the art of burglary is best executed if you leave the place you’ve robbed once you’ve taken the goods.

But, a 33-year-old thief in Portsmouth, England apparently hasn’t figured out that you shouldn’t take a nap in the home you’ve just burglarized.

Dubbed the “Goldilocks” robber by the local constabulary— Tommy Gill’s efforts probably weren’t helped by the 15 Valiums he downed right before he decided to become second-story man…

When the owners of the home found him snoozing in one of the bedrooms with a sack full of loot, they called the cops…

As you can read here, Tommy was so sleepy—it took the cops a few minutes to wake him…


Terrell, North Carolina is a little community in the western part of the state—where about 860 people live—including at least one guy apparently believes everything he reads.

Seems he and a friend were engaged in a series of burglaries in that small town.

The local cops moved in and grabbed one of the burglars. They also grabbed the burglar’s cell phone.

Pretty soon his accomplice was texting him. “Have U Been Cot” he asked?

The cops texted back “NO.”

The sender then offered to pick up his pal.

You know what happens next.

I suspect his face looked like this when he was apprehended.

: (


Crooks and telephones don’t seem to mix really well…

Here’s the story of a man from East Hartford, Connecticut who called the police to report a theft— the theft of the $8 dollars he was using to buy crack cocaine.

When 48-year-old Max Minnefield showed up in court, the judge asked him if he really thought the police were going to go after the people who didn’t give him his drugs.

Many in the court reportedly were suppressing smirks and smiles as the case unfolded.

He was charged with criminal attempt to commit possession of narcotics…

You see Max, that Serve And Protect thingee that cops do only works if you’re one of the good guys whose been victimized…


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