Steps To The Future

He was never supposed to walk again—but after 20 years confined to a wheelchair, Radi Kaiof has the freedom to step anywhere he wants…

Kaioff accomplishes this by using a human exoskeleton suit produced by an Israeli high-tech firm.

The device is called ReWalk—and it was developed by another wheelchair bound man.

Amit Goffer is the founder of Argo Medical Technologies—and the creator of ReWalk.

Ironically, Goffer CAN’T use his own invention—because as you can read here, his paralyzing injury left him without the use of his arms.

As this corporate video clip below shows—ReWalk is only for those who are paralyzed from the waist down—because it’s operated by a control panel worn on the arm.

But it’s a start.

Hope for many other more severely paralyzed folks could come from many other human exoskeleton devices which are being developed.

Here’s a look at some of them….


Back in 1983, The band STYX had a big hit with their song Mr. Roboto..

The tune was part of the rock opera “Kilroy Was Here.”

Mr. Roboto tells the story of a rock and roll performer who escapes from a futuristic prison by overtaking a roboto prison guard and hiding inside the emptied-out metal shell…

Now—it looks like Mr. Roboto may come alive as the result of some pretty cool scientific research into exoskeletons …

Once a term that referred only to the outer skeletons that protected bugs and similar creatures, science has been working on finding ways to use powered exoskeletons to help we humans do stuff…


This unit here has been under development for the U.S. Army for more than 6 years—and has cost millions of research dollars to date..


Lots of the stuff we use today began it’s life in someone’s garage workshop—and so it is with this Roboto…

Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise has spent two years, and about $150,000 to create his exoskeleton suit he calls Trojan.

Useful for military, police and other applications—this invention shows you don’t have to have a big budget, or a fancy research lab to execute a great idea..


A Japanese researcher is also working on a type of exoskeleton.

He calls it HAL, which stands for Hybrid Assisted Limbs….

Among the uses for this device will be to help those who’ve lost limbs restore normal functions…

These are just a few of the research projects underway into exoskeletons that will no doubt help the man of the future dress for success…


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