These Parents Are Vid-e-its….

Christmas is a time for children—and a time for doing things for others that makes them feel good.

So, how does one explain parents who set their kid up to get hurt on Christmas via a cruel prank ?

A prank that was recorded and then uploaded to YOU-TUBE to further humiliate their already psychologically abused child.

It starts with an X-Box 360

The kid—identified only as Jonathan in the video—is unwrapping his Christmas gifts …

His older brother is recording the moment when the child will tear the wrapping off an the X-Box.

There’s a look of pure delight on his face—until he begins pawing through the box..

Inside there’s no X-Box—just underwear…

As you watch the video, you can see the kid becoming more and more crushed.

Meanwhile, his family continually taunts him saying things like, “we can’t afford an X-Box.”

The brother keeps rolling video as the laughter and ridicule continue while the kid’s hurt becomes deeper and deeper…

The video attracted the attention of the news media—like in this story here which was written up by the the British Tabloid The Sun.

As expected the mass publicity of the video generated outrage world-wide.
Although the newspaper story is Datelined Dec. 26, 2008—a little research on the Internet shows the original video was posted December 31, 2007—and was re-posted subsequently several times later in the year…

In the original YOU-TUBE post, a person purporting to be Jonathan’s brother claims he was given an X-box a week later after the “prank” …

At that time, a year ago—the brother claimed he’d post the video of the kid getting a real X-Box in a week or so.

As of today–it still is nowhere to be found on the Internet.

But, even if Jonathan DID get an X-Box a week later— the damage has been done.

He’s been tortured and humiliated by the people who are supposed to hold him dearest—his parents.

He will remember this the rest of his life.

What kind of person does this to a kid?

EYE don’t know..

But, EYE do know that payback is always a bitch !


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