BigFoot Wasn’t That Great in 2008…

2008 was the year that when a couple of cops almost caught Bigfoot…

But it turns out— they only thing they caught was the world’s attention for about 15 minutes—before being proved to be frauds…

Here’s a look back at a compilation of posts that followed the mystery and its unraveling….

Originally Posted Aug. 13, 2008 in the blog, BETWEEN The LINES before it was disabled by a faulty system upgrade under the title:



For years serious science has belittled the existence of Bigfoot saying tracks on the ground and videos like this are no proof—because no one’s ever come up with a body…

But—-that excuse may no longer be valid if the story of a couple of men from Georgia turns out to be true.

Matthew Whitton, a 28-year-old officer with the Clayton County Police department and his friend Rick Dyer—a former corrections officer— say they found an actual dead Bigfoot back in July.

Their story attracted the attention of the local newspaper, whose article you can read here.

The pair also posted a video which prompted some Bigfoot researchers to classify the pair as “idiots” and “clowns.”

But the guys might have the last laugh.

A California-based Bigfoot researcher has joined them, and taken possession of the body so that DNA and other tests can be conducted on it.

The trio says they’ll release their DNA evidence on Friday at a news conference in Palo Alto, California…

This picture of what they claim to be the frozen Bigfoot body has made its way on to the Cyrptomundo Website.


The press release announcing the news conference says the creature is:

  • Male
  • Seven feet seven inches tall.
  • Weighs over five hundred pounds.
  • Looks part human and part ape-like.
  • Has reddish hair and blackish-grey eyes.
  • Has flat feet.
  • Has a footprint almost 17 inches long and 6 inches wide.

With this kind of build-up the trio better deliver the goods—which would have to include the ability for reputable scientists to conduct independent DNA tests.

Originally Posted August 18, 2008 in the Blog BETWEEN the LINES under the title:



Word that a Bigfoot body had been found created tremendous buzz across the ‘net last week.

An indication of the huge interest was the way readership of this little blog exploded with-in hours of our post last Tuesday..

We charted thousand and thousands of extra readers.

Other websites that specialize in Bigfoot and Cryptozoology were so overwhelmed, they crashed..

Everyone wanted to know about the body—and evidence that were promised to be revealed at a big, California-based press briefing..

But when the news conference rolled around–there was no evidence, just a lot of talk.

Yeah, Matthew Whitton sounds like a nice guy— But, Matt buddy— if you’ve got one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the age—you’d best show me the evidence.

I’m sure Matt knows all about evidence—because in real life—he’s a full-time cop.

Cops know that you’ve gotta prove your case..

And, Officer Matt, in the court of public opinion—we have thrown your case out.

When Matt and company announced their find, they issued a press release that talked of a 7 foot tall, 500 pound body.

The DNA results they presented showed their samples contained both human and possum DNA, as well as one result that was inconclusive.

Hardly convincing.

BUT, if they’d had the purported creature’s corpse there on display—well, it would go a long way towards discounting the DNA..

With an unknown species there for all to see, we might have bought the conclusion the DNA samples were contaminated.

Originally posted August 20, 2008 under the title:



Well, we now know why those guys we’ve been posting about who claimed to have Bigfoot’s body never brought the corpse to their much ballyhooed news conference last week.

It turns out the “Bigfoot” was just a big rubber suit….

Now, Bigfoot hoaxers Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton are in big trouble…

Former corrections officer Dyer might find himself back in familiar surroundings— except he’ll be on the other side of the bars if fraud charges are upheld….

And Whitton—who had been a Clayton County, Georgia Police officer— is now out of a job for what his boss calls “violating his duty as a police officer.”

Chief Jeff Turner says once Whitton “perpetrated fraud, that goes to his credibility and integrity”

Plus, the owners of a Bigfoot website says they’re taking legal action against the pair…

Seems Searching for Bigfoot.Com paid the deceptive duo an undisclosed amount of money for the rights to the “body.”

You can read the eyewitness account here of how the site’s owner watched his hopes of discovering a new species evaporate away as the ice around the rubber costume melted…

When the Searching For web guy went searching for Whitton and Dyer, he discovered they were nowhere to be found—much like the elusive Bigfoot itself…

About the only good news in all of this is that if there IS a Bigfoot—it’s still out there—waiting for you or I to find him…

So—with that in mind—how much do you think I can get for this Bigfoot photo I snapped in the woods behind my North Carolina home last night?


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