It Was Hurry Up And Wait In 2008…

It is one of the most enduring mysteries in the history of  air travel.

A man hijacked an aircraft for ransom—and escaped without ever being caught.

In 2008 the FBI decided to re-open the case of D.B. Cooper.

Four months later—they thought they had a huge new lead.

But, like the elusive hijacker they are still seeking, their big lead vanished into thin air…


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His name was D.B. Cooper—or at least that’s what he called himself when he purchased an airline ticket to Seattle aboard Northwest Airlines on Thanksgiving Eve 1971..

By the time the flight was over—Cooper disappeared with $200,000 dollars he’d demanded as part of his hijacking scheme.

36 years later—Cooper, and MOST of the money—remain missing.

Now—as you can read in this link to the FBI’s website—the bureau is renewing its efforts to find him…

It was one of the biggest news stories of the time.

A man claiming to have a briefcase full of dynamite demands almost a quarter of a million in cash—and 4 parachutes….

He lets the plane land in Seattle, allows everyone but the crew to leave—and demands the aircraft fly to Mexico City after he’s given the cash and parachutes..

He orders the rear door be opened—and the plane to fly low and slow…

Somewhere over Nevada he jumps from rear stairs of the Boeing 727 aircraft disappearing into the night—and becoming the stuff of folk lore in the process…

In 1980, a young boy finds about $5800 in twenty dollars bills in a stream..The money is part of Cooper’s loot..

In the intervening years—a number of folks have either claimed to be Cooper—or said they know who Cooper was…

Nothing has ever panned out.

Now the FBI would like to get their man—and they’re asking for the public’s help.

Who knows—in today’s Internet based society—maybe someone will know who D.B. Cooper is..

Or maybe he’s reading this right now !

Originally posted in the blog, BETWEEN the LINES on April 1, 2008 under the title:



D.B Cooper—the man who jumped into history books back in 1971 as the only person to get away with hijacking an airplane for ransom—may soon find history books about the case being rewritten…

That’s because a couple of kids in Washington state MAY have found be a key piece of evidence—Cooper’s parachute.

Back in January, we told you how the FBI decided to reopen the case after 36 years hoping new evidence would surface…

And surface it did—quite literally in Amboy, Washington where a man was grading a road…

His kids found some cloth sticking up at the site—and they began digging to unearth it…


Eventually, they revealed a full parachute…

Now, as you can see here—the FBI is trying to figure out if it was the same kind of Military chute given to Cooper as part of his demands during the skyjacking…

The FBI’s had the now retired military rigger who packed Cooper’s chute examine the remains—but they’re not allowing him to talk about what he found during his analysis…

Investigators hint they MAY have more to say about the case later this week…

One more thing to keep in mind.

After he jumped Cooper left behind his necktie…

In 2007, The FBI was able to lift DNA from that tie.

That DNA may ultimately figure into this case.


BUT— as of December 30, 2008—Nothing has happened with the case — And we’re still waiting for the FBI to solve it


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