A Passing Of One Of The Greats In 2008…

We lost a lot of notable people in 2008— But one of those who passed had both a unique talent—and changed the way we perceived things.

His name was Don LaFontaine—known in the trade as a “voice-over” artist.

His was a ubiquitous presence in our lives—from movie trailers to commercials.

Here’s  how we remembered him:

Originally posted September 2, 2008 in the blog, BETWEEN the LINES prior to its discontinuance under the title:


You may not have known his name—but your certainly knew voice.

Don LaFontaine—the king of voice over work—died suddenly in Los Angeles following complications from elective surgery he underwent earlier this year.

Back in March, we ran this post which included an in-his-own-words account of how he nearly died after botched elective surgery…

* * * ORIGINALLY POSTED  MARCH 26, 2008 * * *



The man who has the “voice of doom delivery” that has narrated thousands of movie previews almost ended up on the great cutting room floor in the sky…

Don LaFontaine—who gained on-camera fame with the general public as the “movie announcer guy” in a Geico commercial—was well known in the industry—but virtually anonymous to the general public.

Don’s voice was silenced—and his life almost cut short after a routine bit of elective surgery went bad.

You can read his own words here about what happened—and how he’s now recovering ..

Just like the movies he promotes—Don’s on his way toward a happy ending…


Unfortunately—this movie did NOT have a happy ending. His wife said a blood clot in Don’s lung suddenly appeared last week, and he was unable to recover from it.

Don was the kind of guy who didn’t mind poking fun of himself—as you can see in these clips—the first of which was produced  along with some of his peers for an industry awards show..

Don was 68 years old.


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