Waves of Desperation…

They say it’s an Ill-wind that blows nobody any good—and in the case of an British adventurer and explorer—the winds he encountered on a unique odyssey ultimately were winds of good fortune indeed—although it didn’t seem like that at first.

2005 was one of the worst years for hurricanes on record—and it was also the year that  Dom Mee tried to cross the North Atlantic from Canada to England in this tiny 14-foot boat powered only by a kite-sail…

His adventure and the hurricane ravaged seas collided—truncating Dom’s efforts 39 days into the quest.

He was battered at various times by hurricanes Irene, Maria, Katrina and Ophelia while they were in the open ocean. But, it was the remnants of Hurricane Rita that finally doomed the expedition.

His little vessel capsized 8 times—and filled with water. At one point, he actually clung to the hull of the boat for 5 hours before another massive wave righted the craft.

When he was rescued shortly thereafter by the Canadian Coast Guard his boat the Little Murka, was left to it drift aimlessly at sea.

Eventually the barnacle encrusted vessel washed ashore in Ireland.

Mee was reunited with the craft—which still contained the waterproof video camera he used for recording his odyssey.

And when he checked the camera— it turned out the tape was still good.

What follows are 10 of some of the most dramatic minutes of video you’ll ever see of a man who is desperate against the elements…


Like the ocean Dom was sailing, the video contains SALTY language

But—there’s more to the story than this video.

After Mee was rescued—he penned this firsthand account for the Britian’s Guardian.

The article was written BEFORE the tape surfaced—because he concludes his story with the explanation that he escaped only with his life and that “the sea took everything else.”

The discovery of the video adds a thrilling post-script to this harrowing attempt to best nature.


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