The ‘Ole 9-to-5….


We all do it.

Some better than others.

But whether you work 9-to-5, in a big fancy job—or pull the 3rd shift doing something that’s routine but necessary—we all suffer from a little job boredom from time to time……

And it’s that boredom that’ll sometimes do you in…

Just like these folks…


The fellow in the following video was working a warehouse—running a forklift…

But just because the word “lift” is in the name of the device doesn’t mean you should LIFT it as high as it’ll go.

Watch what happens when this bored guy extends the forklift he’s using too high and snags the sprinkler head up near the ceiling..

The fun really begins about 2:42 seconds into the video when he tries to “fix” his error.

If EYE were him—EYE wouldn’t have hung around trying to fix that mess..

EYE would quit BEFORE they fired me.


This is one of those incidents where just when you think the problem you created couldn’t POSSIBLY get any worse it does. Over and over again!

EYE  don’t know who was more bored with their job in this warehouse in Belgrade, Yugoslavia:

The guy running the forklift who wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing and put the device in a position where it created disaster—or his co-worker who was playing with his cell-phone recording the video of his buddy’s folly…


This one has all the ear-marks of a set-up.

Knowing that a security camera would be taping them—this bored office crew decided to do a little crewing themselves…

Notice no one else in their cubicles seems to be reacting to the antics.. A sure-tip off it was either staged—or that these guys are so bored they do this ALL the time and no one else pays them any attention anymore.


The guys and gals who create all those wonderful graphic images for magazines, advertisements and the web sometimes grow bored with their jobs too.

Witness what happens when graphic artists have a little too much time and imagination on their hands.

…and what do YOU do when you get bored at work?


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