We Are The Jetsons…

Back in the Early 60’s, Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Studios created the Jetsons TV Show for adult prime-time…

The series—which ended up being re-run endlessly on Saturday morning TV—featured the family of the future.

As you can see—one of the Jetson’s futuristic toys was their flying car.

Today, we’re about a month away from becoming the Jetsons, because a real-life flying car is about to take off !

Called the Transition, this little two-seater can do what no other automobile can… In 15 seconds—it can unfold its wings, and take off…

Under development by a group of MIT engineers since 2006, the Transition is getting ready for its first flight test in February.

If its successful, its developers at the Terrafugia Company hope to have it in production by 2010.

In  this video, the company’s founder explains the advantages of an airplane that can drive on the  roads.

Selling at about $200,000, a half dozen orders for the Transition have already been placed.

You’ve got to be a qualified pilot to fly the thing, and no one expects the vehicle to suddenly lift off from a highway at  the whim  of the driver—because that’s both illegal and dangerous..

You’ve still got to use an airport for takeoffs and landings.

But the advantages are obvious.

Once you land, you just drive out of the airport to your final destination.

As you can read here on the company’s website, The Transition gets 30 miles to the gallon on  the road–and burns 5 gallons an hour when in the air cruising at 115 miles-an-hour.

It also comes with a full-vehicle parachute in case of engine failure.

And that’s something George Jetson’s flying car NEVER had .


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