Mascot Off Guard…

There are a lot of tough ways to make a living—and working in any sort of job that requires you to perform in public is one of them..

Broadcasters, athletes, and stage actors are just some of the folks whose mistakes are exposed to millions—because they do their work “live”….

But perhaps the toughest of those jobs belongs to team mascots.

Not only to they have to perform in public—but they do it in cumbersome, stiflingly hot, and over-sized costumes… And their hijinks’s many times are thwarted because of those factors…


Mr. Red-Legs is the mascot of the Cincinnati Reds..

But, at one game—he became Mr. Red-FACE after an unfortunate incident captured on live TV that left him looking like thing that pursued Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow.……


Sometimes the mascot’s job involves some fancy or complicated gymnastics moves…

This little trick engaged in by SuperHugo, the mascot of the New Orleans Hornets involved jumping through a loop of fire.

The jump went OK—but the aftermath did not.

The resulting attempts to quell the flames left the basketball court a mess—caused several player mishaps—and delayed the game.


This final clip features a lot of different mascot mishaps—all of them captured on video…

And although many of those accidents were tremendously embarrassing—there’s one advantage.

Because you’re wearing a giant head—no one will ever see your face—which EYE think cuts WAY DOWN on the humiliation factor…


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