Throwing Good Money After Bad…

Just as soon as the new president’s been inaugurated—and Washington returns to its normal way of doing things—we can watch for Congress to throw even more money into the bailout bucket.

That way—every moron who can’t run a business can grab a drink from the financial watering hole…

Eye—for one–am boiling mad about it.


It appears that Merrill Lynch’s bull is eating Bank Of America’s lunch..

All last week, we watched BofA’s stock fall to record lows as billions of new losses at Merrill Lynch continued to destroy its new parent company…

Back in September— when Merrill Lynch SHOULD have evaporated in bankruptcy, BofA CEO Ken Lewis purchased the foundering brokerage house.

Now, as the broker breaks the bank—the taxpayer is being asked to bail out Bank Of America too.

What part of “foundering brokerage house” did Mr. Lewis not understand.

He expects US to pay for his mistake !

Perhaps Mr Lewis ought  to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation.


Guys like Ken Lewis are used to living a different life than the rest of us.

As executives—they are “special”…

And with the current economic turmoil out  there—those “special” people are in danger of disappearering—-and even a bailout won’t be enough as they explain in this little video:


Let’s not forget our friends in Detroit— who are still waiting for their cash from the government cow…

Recently this satirical ad appeared in my electronic in-box.

It pretty much sums up what Detroit’s Automakers are doing to us…


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