Plugging Into Electric Avenue….

As drivers rush down the highway of ever increasing gas prices—more and more of us are looking at the possibility of driving a hybrid vehicle..

There are sound reasons for buying them which included reduced fuel and maintenance bills..

But there are also a few caveats:


Emergency responders are getting worried about the increasing numbers of hybrids on the road..

They’re worried about accidents…

One of the most common ways of extricating people from wrecks is to use an hydraulic cutting device known as the Hurst Tool, or Jaws Of Life.

As you can see here—their cutting power is dramatic. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Although hybrid cars are designed to have their electrical systems shut down in the case of emergencies—first responders are concerned that safety mechanisms might fail and they’ll cut through a “hot” cable, or other energized portion of the car that could hurt or kill them.

As you can read here rescuers have a variety of concerns with hybrids because the automakers can’t assure them the safety systems are fail-safe…

And with each company designing their cars a bit differently— there are multiple “shock zones” that have to be avoided during a “cut and peel” rescue operation.


Because hybrids generally operate on battery power at slower speeds—they tend to be in that mode more when they’re in congested urban areas..

And urban areas are where you are more likely to find pedestrians.

But for blind pedestrians, the silent hybrids are literally an accident waiting to happen, as you can read here.

As a result, the U.S.  government is considering requiring hybrids to make some kind of noise to warn blind pedestrians..

However—the solution for automakers isn’t so simple— because the hybrid’s noise will have to distinguish itself from the other “outside noises” already on the street.


One of the big problems with hybrids right now is small amount of miles they get on a charge.

Toyota is trying to extend that by putting solar panels on its higher end Prius models starting in 2009.

The solar panels will be used to run things like the air conditioner and other energy sapping devices in the car.


The problem of low mileage in an electric car has been solved by a small, California based car company.

Tesla Motors has come up with a car that’ll run about 220 miles on a SINGLE charge…

That’s the equivalent of getting 135 miles to the gallon!

Because it’s ALL electric, the Tesla Roadster also doesn’t need oil, filters, coolants, clutches, spark plugs a PCV valve, oxygen sensors, a timing belt, a fan belt, a water pump and hoses, a catalytic converter, or a muffler.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can check it out here on the company’s website….

The drawback: the Tesla Roadster sells for about $109,000.

The company is working on a model that’ll sell for about $60,000 that should be ready by about 2010..

And beyond that, they’d like to have $30,000 vehicle ready soon thereafter….


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One Comment on “Plugging Into Electric Avenue….”

  1. That’s the problem with all the environmentally friendly ideas – there’s always drawbacks and negatives. I just heard the other day about the new “energy saver” lightbulbs and a guy saying that they gave him cancer due to the much higher UV output. Others are saying they have had them explode on them and they contain dangerous mercury. I have also heard before that they are much more damaging to the environment when disposed in comparison to the older style bulbs. It seems like there’s always negatives no matter how good something seems. Thanks for the info on these cars, the safety factor is something that definitely needs consideration.

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