Dye-ing To Behave…

There’s a move afoot by consumer groups to get the Fed’s to remove a bunch of food colorings because they could be linked to behavioral problems— especially in kids.

It’s not the first time the government has banned a food color.

Back in 1976—the FDA banned Red Dye #2 because there was concern that it might cause cancer…


Just about everything we eat has food dyes in it… Sometimes manufactures use the dye to make the food “taste” better.

You see, research shows humans associate certain colors with certain flavors, and adding the right color can influence the perceived flavor of that food.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) wants 8 artificial colors banned believing they are linked to behavior and attention deficit problems—-especially in children.

However—the Food And Drug administration says on its website that controlled studies since the 70’s show no indication that the dyes affect behavior.

You can read both sides of the issue here including how food makers have actually changed the food dyes in stuff they sell overseas because of the growing concern about the issue.


Bad behavior isn’t limited to kids. Take a look at this surveillance video from an office somewhere in Russia—where an office worker goes berserk for an unknown reason.

Maybe it was something he ate that had artificial dye in it.

And in case you think it was an act—here, in color—and with sound—is a second angle apparently taken from an employee with a cell-phone camera.

You’ll notice in this version—you can hear the buzz of a Taser which is used to subdue the crazed worker after he is zapped repeatedly by security.


By the way— if you think you’re doing better by only using “natural” food colorings in your organic food—-keep this in mind.

An extremely common “natural” red dye known as Carmine Red or Extract of Cochineal is made from — a beetle.

The beetle produces Carminic Acid which is used to ward off predators. The acid is red in color and is obtained by grinding the bodies of female cochineal beetles.

Although it’s “natural” — it can still cause allergic reactions in some people who are affected by certain proteins in the bug’s body…

MMMMM… Yummy !

Maybe we ought to take our chances with ole’ Red Dye #2 again!


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