A Small, Exclusive Club….

As we celebrate president’s day this year—we’ve got the nation’s first black president leading the country.

And when you stop and think about it—it’s unique in more ways than one.

The line of succession preceding Barack Obama is brief—and rather exclusive..

Just how brief?

The video belows brings it into perspective as it morphs from Washington to Obama in just 3 minutes and 58 seconds.

It’s rather incredible to think that only  44  men have lead this country—some good and some not so good..

And who might you think was the nation’s greatest chief executive ?

The results might surprise you.

A recent USA TODAY-Gallop Poll found here asked people to rank our greatest president.

Among the top five were Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan.

And Ronald Reagan topped the list.

Kennedy and Lincoln were tied for second, FDR placed 3rd and  our first president was the last choice.

What does it say about us as a country?

You can put a lot of different spins on it—looking at everything from demographics of the respondents to the way the questions were phrased.

But, if you ask historians they’ll tell you it takes a good 70-to-100  years or so to really evaluate a president’s contributions— because you have to look at it through the filter of other events that occurred in the decades that followed their administrations.

By then, perspectives can change.

And who knows—in another 100 years—our greatest president could be Millard B. Filmore who was associated with the Know Nothing Party..


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