So You’ve Had A Bad Day….

We all have the occasional tough time—a day from hell that would be best avoided by sleeping in…

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But, some bad days are worse than others as you’re about to see…


Back in November of 2007, a Bosnian man had a once-in-billion thing happen to him.

His home was hit by a meteorite—doing considerable damage…

But, Radivoje Lajic’s luck was about to get better—or worse—depending on your perspective.

Soon, thereafter his home was struck AGAIN by a meteorite.

What are the odds of that?

How about the odds of it happening three MORE times in the next few weeks?

The University of Belgrade confirms ALL five the rocks are from outer space.

Lajic says he’s being targeted by aliens— saying they’re mad at him for some reason as you can read here

Science is looking for a more earthly explanation—to see why meteorites are attracted to the piece of land where Lajic’s home stands.

After five hits—he’s reinforced the roof of his home with a steel girder in case he’s showered with more extraterrestrial rocks.

In the meantime—it might be wise not to accept any invitations from him to hang at his home ’til someone can figure out why he’s such a “rock” star…


When you park illegally—you take your chances with a ticket, and maybe even the towing of your automobile….

That’s what happened to the owner of this car, but the towing job was—shall we say—not conducive to keeping the pain job on the car from getting scratched…

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The owner of this car didn’t have to suffer a really bad towing job—but—he too ended up with a few paint scratches on his car—along with the need to apparently replace four tires that seemed to succumb to friction and heat…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


In this case—EYE am not sure who was having the worse day— the driver of the automobile parked illegally in front of the fire hydrant—-or the desperate firefighters who needed to get water…

…And in this case, your bad day isn’t over, ’cause HOW do you explain this one to your insurance company???


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