You Be The Judge…

The old time slapstick comedians like Laurel & Hardy knew what was funny.

When they slipped on a banana peel—it made people laugh.

But humor is subjective.

And what is hysterically funny to me—may provoke nothing more than a sour look from you.


Lately—we’ve been having a little debate around my house about certain TV commercials for a couple of burger chains…

The Burger King commercials feature a mute “King” with a plastic-like mask that has a wide smile frozen on the face. The Wendy’s ads use part of the chain’s trademark red hair and pig-tails slapped atop “normal” people’s heads.

Scary or Silly?

EYE say both are scary. My family is divided.


Oh, it’s for real. Here’s the link to the actual cemetery plot in Oklahoma.

The story is the woman who died had a keen sense of humor and asked that an expired parking meter be part of her headstone.

The bottom line on the headstone, (which you can see if you click on the link and blow it up) says: “Our mom. Her humor lives on”

EYE say “silly”—others around here say scary.


Here’s a recent commercial for the H & R Block tax prep firm.

This is part of a  flight of spots in which the company claims they’ll give your taxes a second look—find errors—and save you money..

But— is this particular spot scary or silly?

My vote: If EYE could find a way to wear this TV commercial—it’d be a great Halloween costume !!!!


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