It’s Alive….

It was a very healthy Mark Twain who said in 1897 that “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” after a newspaper published word that he had died.

And it seems EYE too may have greatly exaggerated the death of a literary operation whose humor Mark Twain might have appreciated.

We’re talking about the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS.

A year ago, EYE lamented the loss of that spinner of great yarns when the company that owned the paper shut it down.

Originally posted:

September 13, 2008 in the blog BETWEENtheLINES


As a kid, EYE read a lot of comic books… and  NEVER really gave ’em up.. They just changed form. EYE am talking about the Weekly World News.

Where else could you get updates on Elvis’s comings and goings, find out the latest Bigfoot diet, or discover what the Space Aliens were up to?

Only in the TAB that liked to bill itself as “The World’s Most Reliable Newspaper.”

Now ALAS….

We will no longer be able to learn why Lincoln was a woman, Cheney a robot, or what Bat Boy is up to anymore.

The Weekly World News has ceased publication.

A victim of declining circulation–and quite possibly the Internet. They just couldn’t make up fake stuff as good as what you can find in cyberspace these days–especially on some blogs.


Now it seems, the Weekly World News is back—well–in abbreviated form

The company that owns the SUN supermarket Tabloid (and used to publish the Weekly World News) has begun to include a Weekly World News insert in the SUN —and just like the original —the insert is in glorious black and white.

The SUN is the same paper that specializes in horoscopes, end of the world predictions from psychics and other off-beat topics..

Although it mined the same territory as the Weekly World News—it always took itself WAY TOO seriously for a paper that has shown a lack of accuracy about Armageddon…

Now—at last, we can get the REAL thing once again.

By the way—don’t be fooled by  the on-line version of the Weekly World News.

The rights to use that name were purchased by a fellow who tries to keep the tradition alive—but his stuff is pretty lame compared to  the masters who specialized in Elvis sightings and Bigfoot adventures.


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