A Tale Of Two Brains…..

There’s been a lot of shouting in recent days over the tea-bag protests that have been occurring all across the country.

The left and the right have been clashing with each other in vitriolic terms claiming the opposing side is just too stupid and hard-headed to understand their position.

But it may not be all politics.

It may be that each side CAN’T help but believe in what they believe.

All of it could just be preordained.

A study linked here that was done not that long ago by New York University and UCLA indicates there’s a real difference between a liberal’s brain––and a conservative’s brain..

In other words—-politics isn’t a choice–-it’s genetic..

You’re either born a blue brain…

Or a red brain…

Now.. EYE may not be the smartest guy in the room—and EYE don’t have a string of letters following my name to indicate my degree of brilliance—but you have to wonder about this piece of research.

Let’s look at this… You would think that one’s political views are formed by a confluence of experience…

And, you would think different events and experiences in your life would mold your views—and thus your political viewpoint.

Yeah.. you might think that….

But the folks who know better than us say HOLD ON—you were born with your politics already decided.

Nope, your views can’t change. You can’t become more conservative—or more liberal as you go about life.

You’re stuck. A Blue Brainer, or a Red Brainer. Case closed.

Does this mean EVERYTHING we do is predetermined at birth?


So long personal responsibility!

Sorry EYE robbed the bank officer, but it can’t be helped. EYE was born with a bank robbers brain! Genetic, you know!

Nope… Honey, EYE really wasn’t cheating on you.. It’s just that ole’ brain of mine. It’s hard-wired that way. Now let’s forgive, forget and move on!

Yeah, this opens a world of possibilities!

Nothing will ever be our fault again. We’re just born that way!

Now—perhaps EYE am reading a little too much into this study. But, did you notice WHERE it was conducted? At schools in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES.

And aren’t those parts of the country considered centers for liberal thinking—

—or am EYE just being a no-brainer?


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