It’s A Crime They’re So Stupid….

Being a cop’s not always an easy job—but it does have its moments…

Especially when the bad guy is dumb enough  to do your work for you.

And that’s the case with these folks.. Dumb as a box of rocks—and just waiting to taken for ‘Granite’…


If you’re on probation—-it’s a good idea not do do anything that might make your parole officer suspicious. And that would include showing up at his office in a stolen car when you are on probation for a car theft rap.

But that’s exactly what one criminal master-mind did.

It was pretty easy for the cops to figure out the vehicle had been stolen because this Tampa, Florida guy shows up in a car with Washington State plates that has the ignition column  punched out and a screwdriver shoved in the side of  the steering column being used as an ignition key.


Here’s an audio tape from a 9-1-1 call where a woman needs the police to help with  her locked automobile.

Listen carefully as the dispatcher figures out what’s wrong almost instantly—and tries to suppress a giggle  as she explains how to remedy the situation…


Jamiel Williams was supposed to report for a court-ordered drug test, in Lawrence, Massachusetts but was a afraid he was going to fail the test.

So, how best to avoid it?

Well — how about planting a fake bomb on the steps of the courthouse?

Part one of the plan worked perfectly.

The building was closed for hours.

Part two of the plan wasn’t so good.

You see, Jamiel left a handwritten note with his fake bomb, and his note also contained his fingerprints so the c0ps had TWO ways to tie him to the device.

On the plus side, Jamiel won’t have to take any drug tests in jail…


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