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June 3, 2009

There’s a lot of stuff rattling around in my brain—random thoughts about this and that…

So, as the late comedian George Carlin used to say—here’s a few of my brain droppings.


The disappearance of Air France flight #447 over the Atlantic has unleashed a huge amount of speculation from the media— more than usual perhaps because the plane was lost over a desolate section of Ocean with no aural communication from the crew.

One of the early—and oft reported pieces of speculation was that “lightning brought down” the huge jet.

Trouble with that “theory’’  is that it can be disproved with the click or two of a computer key, and the blabbering no-nothings of the media did not a seconds research before spewing out useless garbage.

All the speculating newsies had to do was a quick Google search for “aircraft & lightning” they would have found a tons of information about how planes are designed to withstand lightning strikes…

They’d find stats showing dozens of aircraft are struck every month by lightning world-wide.

Do the genius brains in newsrooms need more proof?

A few more keystrokes  would have revealed this video of Qantas Jet struck while in mid air:

OR this video of a jumbo jet getting struck just after takeoff…

There are several other videos on line, including a small, private plane getting zapped by lightning and shots from inside the cabin of an aircraft of a lightning strike.

It’s not necessary to post ‘em all—you get the point.


Back in April, Actress Demi Moore got all kinds of headline coverage when a San Jose, California woman sent her an on-line suicide threat via Twitter.

Her followers saw the threat and called the local police who interrupted the woman’s suicide attempt.

Although Moore didn’t save the life, she got the credit…

Now— a city councilor in Atlanta, Georgia has used the Twitter to save someone right in front of him.

As you can read here, Councilman Kwanza Hall spotted a woman having a seizure on a street corner.

He decided to Tweet for help because his cell phone battery was low, and he feared he wouldn’t have enough juice to stay on the line with the local 9-1-1 center.

His text: “Need a paramedic on corner of John Wesley Dobbs and Jackson st. Woman on the ground unconscious. Pls ReTweet

That message was picked up by his followers—and with-in seconds—an ambulance was dispatched, arriving in time to save the woman’s life.

EYE betcha she’s “singing” the praises of Twitter today.


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