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Eat Up…..

May 21, 2009

A number of fast food places have tried to dispel the nation that fast food is bad by coming up with a variation on the slogan:  It’s not fast food—its good food fast…

But many still regard fast food as bad food…and there are continuing attempts to warn us that we are what we eat…

Here’s a couple of the most recent examples:


Saying that it’s worried that over half the adults in its state are obese—the Massachusetts Public Health Council got a law enacted requiring restaurant chains with 20 or more in-state locations to post calorie counts next to each item on their menus or menu boards— including all items sold  at the drive-up window as you can read here.

Apparently, figures show 65% of ALL fast food purchases occur at the drive-up window..

Do you think a little calorie sign next to those burgers and fries is going to thin-up those hungry hoards who are too fat to get out of their cars to when ordering their fast food?

EYE think not…

Maybe they ought to require folks get out of their cars and WALK to the fast food place to get their grub.

At least they’d burn off more calories than if they drove up to the take-out window.


Daly City is a small community South of San Francisco with about 10,000 residents….

Although small, students at the local high school are trying to make a big decision… They have decided they don’t want any more  fast food joints in their town.

As you can read here, 900 Jefferson High students presented the town council with a petition asking it  for a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in town.

They say there’s already too many unhealthy places to eat in Daly City..

And they aren’t stopping at local  fast food restaurants either.

They say their next project is to “fix the food in their cafeteria.”

Considering the “mystery meat” and other inedible concoctions that EYE remember from my high school cafeteria days—the Daly City kids could be on to something.


One of the fastest breakfasts on the planet is a bowl of cereal…

Some, like the high-sugar kiddy stuff are defiantly in the category of “junk food”…

But would you call a breakfast cereal a DRUG?

Well, that some are calling Cheerios.

As it says here, because the cereal box cites a clinical study which reads “eating two servings a day of  Cheerios helps to reduce bad cholesterol — when eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol” the FDA figures that makes Cheerios a drug.

Cheerios maker says the FDA  approved the health claims 12 years ago—but is now upset about how the information is presented on the box…

It’s enough to give you a headache..

Hey— could EYE take a Cheerio for that instead of an aspirin?


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The Road Less Traveled…

May 7, 2009

While the American  automotive industry begs for bailout cash and threatens us with dark tales of bankruptcy and economic turmoil—-

—-there are folks out there who are trying to innovate and improve the automotive industry…

Check ’em out….


A California based company has come up with a concept that’ll make any car cool—while getting rid of the standard door.

Jatech uses what it calls a rotary drop door to allow easier access into and out of any automobile.

It turns your ride into an elegant coach.

As you can see in this video— the door just disappears under the car—sliding away in a matter of seconds.

As the company’s website shows, the disappearing door can be outfitted any ANY kind of vehicle—and has the approval of major automakers.


How’d you like to have a car that’s not only Biodegradable—but runs on Chocolate?

Well, a team of British researchers from the University of Warwick have developed just such a vehicle.

World First Racing’s Formula 3 race car runs on Bio-diesel that’s made from vegetable oils and waste from chocolate  factories.

Not only that—but the major components  of this little beauty are made from various organic substances.

  • * The steering wheel  is constructed from carrot fibers
  • * The foam in the seats is from soybeans
  • * The rear view mirrors and body panels are made from potato starch
  • * The brake pads are made from cashew shells.

95% of the vehicle is Biodegradable, as you can read on World First Racing’s website here.

Researchers think that’s the way to go with ALL cars in the future.

Of course, with all those parts made from food, EYE suppose you could always serve your old car for dinner instead of trading it in for a new model.


With the government moving closer and closer to taking over the U.S. auto industry, we really ought o give this some thought.

The following video gives us a taste of what could happen if the folks who brought you FEMA decide they’ll start selling us cars too.


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Peeking Behind Closed Doors….

April 24, 2009

Years ago, Charlie Rich had a hit song titled Behind Closed Doors whose refrain was: “Oh, no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors…”

But, that may no longer be the case.

Just ask the government.

One of the men currently running for Governor of New Jersey apparently approved using  the GPS chip inside of  cell phones to track U.S. Citizens WITHOUT any warrants.

The story linked here claims when Christopher Christie was U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, he used that warrantless tracking in close to 100 instances.

Christie claims it’s all legal—but tracking without a warrant disregards an internal U.S. Justice Department recommendation that “prosecutors obtain probable cause warrants before gathering location data from cell phones.”

Taken alone, Christie’s action may sound unique in terms of government intrusion.

But consider this gem from the man who is Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence—uttered a couple of years back.

Dr. Donald Kerr says Americans have to change their definition of privacy—because it should no longer mean anonymity.

Back in 2007, in testimony quoted here before Congress, Dr. Kerr said the only privacy you’ll have is what  ”government and business provide for people’s private communication and financial information”…

Sounds OK right?

Well.. Maybe not.

You see that same story details a claim by a retired AT&T technician who says he installed a device in 2003 that ”diverted and copied every call, email and Internet site” accessed via AT&T’s San Fransisco switching office.

And where did this copied information supposedly go?

You shouldn’t need more than one guess.

Yep… A U.S. government computer.

The story claims there’s close to 2 dozen similar sites all over the country doing the same thing!

It appears our friends in Washington are indiscriminately collecting each and every piece of information about us without worrying about those annoying ol’ search warrants…

No wonder they’re telling us we need to change our definition of privacy.

They’ve already done it…

So—what do we do?

If we live with the technology—we live with the potential for its abuse.

In the meantime, EYE fully expect this post is going to end up in some file somewhere—marked with a notation to keep tabs on the guy who wrote it—because he’s dangerous.


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