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July 23, 2009



Bits & Pieces, Odd & Ends….

November 24, 2008

Eye sometimes see lots of little things that get under my skin… Not enough to make up a full blog—but rather just enough bits and pieces to aggravate me…

So, let’s get to the rants….


We’ve seen what happened to the original concept of the Wall Street bailout…

The people who convinced us it was needed immediately to save the banks suddenly reversed course..

In the meantime, everybody whose ever wanted a government handout from the auto industry to cities like Phoenix, Atlanta and Philadelphia have put their hand out demanding a piece of the action…

The latest whiner— CITIBANK, which suddenly needs cash…

The other day, the following sign appeared on Wall Street….

It pretty much sums up how EYE and a lot of others feel about the bailout…


It was meant as one of those silly photo-ops that TV news so loves…

Legislative leader pardons turkey for Thanksgiving.

In this case the lawmaker was Alaska’s Sarah Palin…

And after pardoning the turkey—she stood for a 3 minute interview in front of a worker who was slaughtering birds—completely oblivious to what was happening behind her.

All of which gives lots of double meaning to everything she says.



And speaking of turkey’s—here’s a video of a guy getting a speeding ticket in Buffalo Grove, Ilinois…

As you can read here, he got tagged for going 58 MPH in a 35 mile an hour zone..

But, Eye think the speeding ticket is the least of his worries—as this patrol-car dashcam shows:


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It’s Why They Call It The Idiot Box….

November 17, 2008

Years ago, the comedian Fred Allen said of TV, “it’s called a medium, because it’s rarely well done.”

And although he made those comments in the 60’s—it still applies today.

THE BOOB (only lower) TUBE….

With all that’s wrong in the world—from an economy that’s self-destructing—to war, you’d think TV news would rise to the occasion..

But all it really wants to do is get a rise out of you…

How else can you explain this 3 and a half minute segment on the KTLA evening news…

It’s a live report on one of the most pressing crises in the world today–how to make a woman’s nether-region look prettier..

And TV news wonders WHY it’s losing credibility…


Let’s hand it to cartoonist Dave Coverly who draws the Speed Bump panel.

He got this one just right.


If you’ve ever watched a toddler look at TV—you can see they’re almost mesmerized by it— like its some kind of drug.

Well—it may not just be the little ones who are held in TV’s hypnotic grasp…

New research by the University of Maryland has found that Unhappy people watch way more TV than happy folks..

This was no quickie study either.

They spent 30 years on this project, as you can read here..

And–surprise, surprise—TV viewing increases as the economy gets worse.

The researchers speculate that unhappy people gravitate toward TV because it requires nothing of them–except to passively sit and watch.

Viewers don’t have to go anywhere, dress up, find company, plan ahead, expend energy, do any work or spend money in order to be part of the TV experience.

The question unanswered by all this is: which comes first–the unhappiness or the TV viewing.

Does watching more TV make people less and less happy? Or do people turn to TV as they get more and more depressed?

And then—when they turn to TV, all they get is “Betty” stories, and a constant parade of media frenzy trivializing the useless.


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Stewing Quietly…

October 19, 2008

With the election about two weeks away—there’s a lot of stuff being thrown in the ‘ole political stew-pot..

Let’s ladle some out while it’s still hot…


After McCain and Obama mentioned “Joe The Plumber” more times in the debate than there were blinks in an eye— was there any doubt that the media would put the guy front and center ??

Now—after getting the same media treatment reserved for serial killers and Paris Hilton, we’ve found out a whole lot more about “Joe the plumber” than we probably care to know….

Here’s some of it culled from various media reports:

  • * He’s not really a plumber—because he’s not licensed.
  • * His first name isn’t Joe. His real name is Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbach
  • * His divorce records show he made $40,000 a year— not $250,000 (which would place him in the Obama tax-hike bracket)
  • * He owes the IRS money. $1200 in back taxes to be exact.

So, what’s next for “Joe the plumber”… Well, the media will soon tire of him—but not before he makes one last splash…

I’m betting on an appearance on Lenno, Letterman or SNL…


Lots of folks have had their Obama or McCain campaign signs stolen this election in neighborhoods across the U.S.

But, when one fellow lost his sign—he put up a replacement that’s probably not going to be the target of any thieves….


Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart has long been the place where you could turn to see pretty good “gotcha” journalism. Despite being a fake news show— they do the research the major video news outlets seem to ignore.

Now—Newsweek is applauding another funnyman for doing what reporters should be doing.

They’ve proclaimed David Letterman, journalist of the year following his interview with John McCain last Thursday.

Letterman’s interview was encased with-in his light-hearted joking with McCain—but during the session— he drew significant admissions and clarifications about McCain’s and Palin’s personal attacks on Obama..

Here’s a portion of it here:

You can read more about the Letterman’s questioning in this article here.


There’s all kinds of polls out there seeking to predict the election— but there’s one poll that might be a lot closer to right than any of the guys with clipboards.

Seems there’s a website that charts whether people prefer to call their soft drinks “Coke” or “Soda”

Professor Barry Hollander at the University of Georgia charted those difference and found that red states are “Coke” states, blue states are “Soda” states.

You can read his full analysis here.

Will the results hold for 2008—or will the soda poll go flat?


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God’s Still Almighty….

October 16, 2008

Call it the ultimate lawsuit….

A Nebraska state senator tried suing GOD claiming the supreme being was terrorizing Earth’s inhabitants with acts of violence like earthquakes, hurricanes and other—well— Acts of God…!

Senator Ernie Chambers wanted a court to issue permanent injunction against those Acts of God.

He claimed he could sue GOD in Nebraska because God is everywhere.

But—as you can read here, a judge through the case out..

He said there was no proof that GOD had been properly served a subpoena…

In other words— saying “heaven” as God’s address just wouldn’t do…

Judge Marlon Polk wanted more than just an unlisted address for the Almighty…

The judge threw out the case with prejudice meaning it couldn’t be refiled…

Senator Chambers says although he can’t refile– he just might appeal….

I for one am looking forward to the next round in this case…

If the Senator should happen to get GOD into court— I’d love to see if they require God to swear on a bible in order to make sure he told the truth…


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