It’s Not Too Late—We Still Have Time In 2008….

With all that’s happened in 2008, it’s been a long year—and it’s going to take longer than usual for it to end.

That’s because they’re adding an extra second to 2008.

Those who keep track of these things say the tides, and other factors are affecting the earth’s rotation—and unless they add a second to ’08— things just won’t even out in a billion years or so…

So, in keeping with the spirit of a year that just won’t end— we’re going to dedicate the last few posts of 2008 to the items  EYE found most intriguing in the year past.

And to help you recall just what a year 20008 was— here’s a little help from our friends at Jib-Jab..

Originally Posted  May 13, 2008  in the  BetweenTheLines Blog prior to its discontinuance under the title:



For years, UFO conspiracy theorists have claimed the government was withholding information about UFO’s and aliens because the news of it would destroy society—and wreck organized religion….

But today—one of the world’s biggest organized religions is saying, it’s OK to believe in aliens—because they are just more of God’s creatures.

That revelation and more comes from none other than the Vatican’s official astronomer—Father José Gabriel Funes… He was quoted in a lengthy article titled “The Alien Is My Brother ” which was published in the Vatican Daily…

He says flatly that believing in extraterrestrial life is NOT contrary to Catholic doctrine—and, in fact—can bring people closer God.

You can read an extrapolation of the article here— including an analogy that the aliens are just a larger part of God’s flock.

This is a startling revelation.

We can presume that Father Funes isn’t just speaking off the cuff…And since the article was printed in the Vatican’s house organ—it had the tactic approval of the Pope.

For years UFO pictures and videos like these have surfaced—complete with official denials and claims that everything connected with UFO’s is fake, fake, fake.

Now, all off a sudden—we’re being told to accept the fact that extraterrestrials not only are out there—but that they are our “brothers and sisters.”

Some might say we’re being prepared to be told there’s been contact between humans and species more advanced than us—and that those species have been poking around this planet for some time.

Others might try and downplay the article—claiming it’s just a feature piece speculating about life in space.

But you have to remember something about the Vatican.

NOTHING there happens in a vacuum.

Every pronouncement from there is measured, considered, and weighed before it’s disseminated to the general public.

We may have just witnessed a seminal event in mankind’s existence.

It’s subtle—but it’s out there—out there just like the aliens we are now being prodded to believe in.


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