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In Your Face-Book…

March 2, 2009

Since its creation in May of 2007, Facebook has become more than a social networking site where the computer savvy can go and play—it has become an important part of the lives of many folks—from teens to adults.

But Facebook has also become a place where if you post something on line—it can come back to affect your job, your life—and even your very well-being.

Here’s a few examples:


A 16-yr-old from Essex, England is out of work because she wrote on her Facebook page that she was bored with her job.

After her boss read Kimberly Swann’s Facebook entry—he promptly fired her.

As you can see in this video below,  it didn’t matter that she never named the company—or that she was just saying something that could have passed as idle conversation between two friends….

Once it was on-line—her boss found it fair game for retribution.


A couple of Cops in the Town of Harrison, New York also without jobs after being suspended for writing racist and sexists remarks on their Facebook pages.

As you can read here their remarks about President Obama and the town’s Supervisor didn’t exactly endear them to the powers that be—and the men were dismissed after a public hearing on the matter.

Now—the cops are looking at legal action saying their Facebook remarks may be free speech  protected under the first amendment.


In New Jersey—the Internet police are also on the prowl!

It seems that Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey doesn’t want to pay medical benefits for a couple of kids with eating disorders saying the causes are NOT biological—but emotional…

And to prove its case—it wants all the Facebook, My Space, and email writings of the kids in question.

You can read here in greater detail the specifics of the case which is now in federal court.

But apparently, the Internet police believe—if you put it on the web—- it can be used against you in a court of law….

Computers have been with us long enough for most folks to know that anything they write in them can be retained and accessed long after they’ve hit the delete button…

But now—we have be careful what we post on a social networking sites—or anything else we place on the web…

They used to say, “You are what you eat.

Now apparently, you also “are what you write on line.”


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