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Selling You On Advertising…

March 11, 2009

T‘was a time when you knew an advertisement on radio or TV was coming…

They’d be an announcement that the program “would be right back after these important messages”

These days—the message is still important  to advertisers—but the delivery system’s a whole lot more subtle.

With people finding more and more ways to ignore traditional advertising—and with more time being spent on line and on the cell phone by folks—marketers are coming with new ways to target you—sometimes without you  realizing you’re on  the receiving end of an ad…

Two companies, the San Fransisco-based Placecast, and New York-based 1020 Inc., are leading the way in something called on-the-spot advertising.

They use your mobile device to figure out WHERE you are and what you are doing. Then, using readily available personal information from credit cards and the like about your spending habits,  income bracket and time of day,  it  sends you specific ads that will appeal to you.

Other systems use your location to target ads on your mobile device as you walk or drive near them.

The so-called ‘proximity ads’ are being largely marketed as revenue generating tools for department stores, restaurants and such.

There’s also specifically targeted ads that will be virtually inserted into the program you are watching based on your location, income, likes, and other personal factors.

No two people watching the same program will get the same ad.

There’s even a concept being worked on that will let you watch a program—and “shop it.”

Lets say you see an item in the program you like—you’ll be able to go on-line–find out the brand–and then buy it–while the program you’re watching is running.

You can read more about the various schemes in detail here, which includes a slide show detailing how some of these concepts work.

In the brave new world of 21st century advertising—they’re finding a way to sell you something almost everywhere—except in your dreams..

But give ’em some time—they’ll figure out how to do THAT too.


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